The Paskal’s Prayer & Praise Spring 2020.


Dear Prayer Partners and Ministry Supporters;  April 2020

        Greetings to you from The Paskal’s in Virginia. First It has been a blessing while preaching on several occasions’ decisions have been made for Salvation during recent mission’s meetings. My last meeting in Ohio at Immanuel Baptist Church a man gave his heart to the Lord after the morning service. Currently, due to the Corona virus outbreak, our ministry travels have been put on hold. Our first prayer request, we ask that you pray with us that we can reschedule these meeting. Our second request would be for your prayers as I will be calling churches over the next few months to reschedule meetings and plan new meetings. Please also be in prayer for 0ur current missions support to increase. The good news that we are excited to share with you is that we have gained several new supporting churches. “Project 50” has now become “Project 47”, for this we praise the Lord! We also, would request your prayers for the churches we have already shared our ministry with. Pray that those Churches would take us on for monthly mission’s support.

        One of our mission’s meetings scheduled for early in the month of April instead of canceling came up with a great idea. Mount Victory Baptist Church created a video at the church with me teaching on Christ our Passover. We recorded to segments, Part one and Part two which you can now find now on our website,

        Recently, I have been praying about other ways to raise our ministry awareness with the goal of raising up additional monthly missions supporters. I know some missionaries and ministry organizations use other than traditional methods to raise ministry monies. A book was recommended to me by an expert in the field of Church Planting, Dr. Ken Davis . The title of the book he has recommended that I read is, The GOD ASK, Author Steve Shadrach.   I have opened this new book up and read several chapters. I need to really study this book and implement some of the idea’s contained in it’s pages. Please help us by praying for us. Kathy and I desire to reach the lost sheep of the house of Israel and others in the Long Beach, New York City area. Ask the Lord to grant us wisdom and favor in churches and with individuals who would like to partner with us in this work that God has called us to. If you would like some great information on church planting, I recommend Brother Ken Davis’s Website:

       Our new website: is coming along nicely. Please take a moment and visit the Website. We would really appreciate your feedback. If you would like to leave a comment or suggestion, please reach out to me by phone or by email.

        Concerning our Family, Please Pray for Our oldest son David he has struggled for years with different problems. He is 23 and spoke to me a couple in Mid-March wanting to get help with the things He struggles with. Together I was able to help him get in a medical facility to undergoing treatment for substance abuse and mental health. He has been home now for two weeks, we were hoping he would elect to go in a residential treatment program, but David was not wanting this kind of additional help. Kathy and I would be very thankful for your prayers and kind thoughts towards our son David. Joshua is 20 and living independently of our home. Joshua is working now, His boss laid him of but recently hired him back to help in the restaurant where he is assistant in the kitchen. Sarah turned 18 in February. Sarah is a Junior, her school is closed due to this COVID-19 Pandemic. She is trying to finish her school year at home through online classes. This has been difficult for her, but she is doing better. Please pray for her, especially for her Algebra grade. We also ask prayer for her that she will let The Lord guide and direct her. Kathy and I remain hopeful that we will be able to move to the New York City area to begin our ministry in the later part of the year in 2021.  Please continue to lift us up in your prayer, asking for The Lord to speed us along on our deputation ministry. Pray for God to put a hedge of protection around us, and our children. Thank You for your faithfulness and remember, Jesus said in Hebrews 11:5 & 6 “…, for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee. So that we may boldly say, The Lord is my helper, and I will not fear what man shall do unto me.”

Sincerely yours for Souls’

David & Kathy Paskal