Winter Praise Report 2020


Dear Praying Friends and Family in Christ.

Greetings to you from the Paskal’s your missionaries to the Jewish People. We hope you all are doing well this specialChristmas time of year.2020 has been a difficultyear especially due to COVID-19. Kathy and I have had almost all our meeting canceled since the pandemic started and at present only a few have rescheduled with us. Please pray as I am praying for God to open doors of opportunity in these churches and others in the future. Please consider if we have already sharedour ministry in yourchurch, how The Lord may be leading you to consider taking us on as one of your missionaries. That would be a great and uplifting encouragementto us. Also, I am happyto report to you that we are close to obtaining 65% of our needed monthly missions support.

Earlier in the month of November on a Wednesday night I was at Trinity Baptist Church in Mocksville, NC.After the evening service I received word of at least two families that wanted to partner with us monthly towards our needed monthly missions support. It was clear thatLord touched many hearts that evening for the Jewish people and for our inner cities here in America.We aregrateful for the Lord’s provision for us and the encouragement He has given to us when we need it most. Project 50 is now approaching project 35, for this we are praising our wonderful Lordand Savior Jesus Christ!

Concerning Prayer requests from our last prayer letter. Kathyand I have found a travel trailer to use in our missions work in New York and for now while we remain on deputation. Please pray about possibly sending a special gift to help with this. At the writing of this letter, I received a phone call from a church in Indiana that felt lead of The Lord to help us with a onetime offering of $4,000 dollars. I have received two other commitments at this time for an additional $6,250 dollars to help with this need that we have for our ministry. These gifts are enough to cover half of the total cost needed to purchase the travel trailer we are buying. Praise the Lord! Kathy and I believe it is God’s will for us to prepare to leave Virginia in The Fall of 2021.We are excited to keep moving aheadin our ministry. Pray for our daughter Sarah. She is a senior and is seeking God’s direction for her future after her graduation in 2021.Concerning The outreach project to the Jewish people and TheJesus in The Psalms video series, these will begin in 2021.

In Christ Service.

David and Kathy Paskal

EZEKIEL 33:7 / Romans 1:16