The Future Ministry of the Olive Branch Baptist Church and Community Center.

With a Heart for the People of Long Beach & the Five Towns Area in New York.

With Baptist Mid-Missions – Evangelistically Delivering solid Baptist Teaching & Preaching to reach Jewish Communities
Our Divine Directive is Matthew 28:19-20
Romans 1:16 describes our specific
Personal Evangelism & Discipleship
Biblical Missions Objective

“Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.”

Romans 1:16 describes our specific
Biblical Missions Objective

“For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.

Population – The majority of our population growth is presently coming from immigration, much of this illegal and unmanageable at our borders, and not from our own citizenry. Along with this immigration, the Muslim religion appears to be growing faster than any other and posing a significant new threat to the Biblical traditions that have previously provided a foundation and freedom for the Gospel in this country. We’re faced with an increased need for more Bible-believing Churches and an even greater Spiritual Awakening in our Bible teaching, preaching, and outreach.

Church Growth, Indigenous Outreach, and Impact

As new Bible believing churches are established, it is particularly important that they have a Biblical balance that will develop 1) spiritually healthy families, 2) strong congregational teaching, preaching, and music, and 3) powerful community outreach.


This Biblical Balance, then, should be a priority – both in established church works and in new works where this balance is being built from the ground up as the lost are evangelized and brought to Christ. It is not enough to just bring individuals to Christ. They then need to be discipled in their Christian life. Their families will need to be reached, Christian homes and properly functioning churches established that will not only nurture their own people but train them to continue this balanced work of evangelism all over again. And so it is with our evangelistic, teaching, and preaching desire and intent to establish an indigenous work -which will come to be viewed by the people as their own – rather than an outside work. This principle has been practiced by missionaries all over the world – to establish new works and new churches. Once we’ve established a new body of believers by leading people to Christ and discipling them, our goal is to then train them to reach and win more people in nearby communities and to eventually perpetuate themselves by starting new outreaches of their own.

Long Beach & Five Towns Community Outreach Long Island & New York City

To this end, the Lord has laid the Long Beach (37,000 people) and Five Towns Communities (50,000 people) on our hearts. And linked to this specific geographical calling is the population of approximately 47,000 Jewish people living here, one of the largest Jewish concentrations in the whole Long Island and New York City area.


Olive Branch Community Center and Church

 Kathy and I are ready to begin a new work through street and door to door evangelism – with an emphasis on reaching Jewish People as we reach others.   We hope to quickly establish a weekly Bible study or studies in our home.  Our studies may be evangelistic for the lost, or discipleship oriented for those who have placed faith in Christ already and want to develop spiritual maturity.

Once we’ve secured ten committed and faithful followers of Christ, we’ll begin public planning stages for a new church work.  As that level of interest is reached, we’ll begin to hold weekly services on Sundays and mid-week prayer meetings.  We’ll have been praying all along for a facility for these meetings and will begin a more earnest search if we still have this need.  A startup facility could be located in other church buildings, hotel special event rooms, store fronts, etc.  Once a church is established enough to have a strong financial foundation, we would want to purchase and establish the Olive Branch Community Center.   Our long-term goal is to have this for a church facility and one we can use every day to foster relationships and build trust in our community.

 With a Community Center in mind, we’re thinking of regular business hours Monday through Saturday in addition to our Sunday services.   Sundays would provide exceptional Bible teaching and preaching, the edification of the saints, and great music that is both conservative and traditional.   The Olive Tree Community Center will prioritize local outreach for individual and family needs.  But these services will be infused and coupled with a clear Gospel message as we actively practice the love, care, encouragement, and compassionate leadership that will be required of us.

 In this the Community Center and the Church Ministry will then complement each other where both physical and spiritual needs are addressed.   Inside the facility of The Olive Branch Community Center & Church, we also plan to have a Christian bookstore and Café to further provide an opportunity for an open Christian community to interact during the week and possibly offset ministry expenses.  Christian Counseling will also be an integral part of this ministry – involving individual and family needs, crisis and intervention, and support for addiction related conflicts and recovery.

Our Future Timeline:

Fall 2021 -In the fall of 2021 we are hopeful that we will arrive on this mission field where we will begin our evangelistic efforts.

Spring 2022 -In the spring of 2022, we would like to be hosting a weekly Bible Study in our home with a minimum of 12 faithful participants. Once this benchmark has been accomplished, we will begin publicly planning to start a new church with weekly services starting in the following Spring.

Spring 2023 -From the spring of 2022 till the launch date (hopefully in the Spring of 2023), we will continue to evangelize, disciple and build up our core group for the new church plant. When we are ready to launch, we would like to have 70 to 100 committed individuals. This is very possible if we can get everyone on board with the goal of reaching their friends and family and other individuals (within their circle of influence) through personal  invitation.

2024 -We are hopeful that by the year 2024 we will have a solid church -self-supported and self-governed, that is both growing and going. Our plan, God willing, with the power of God’s Spirit, would be to continue to reproduce ourselves and see this ministry of Olive Branch Community Church branch out into other congregations.

2025 -We are excited to think it is possible by the year of 2025 that we will have a permanent facility for our Community Center and Congregation. From that point on we will seek to develop our community focused ministries, trusting in the Lord that He will be adding to the church through conversion and baptism – true (spiritual) growth for the Glory of God.

We sincerely hope you will pray for us and partner with us as one of your missionaries. Feel free to write us or request to be put on our mailing list. We welcome your questions and advice. Thank you for your faithfulness.

David and Kathy Paskal

2911 Cove Ridge Trace Midlothian,VA 23112 631-946-9166